Magnificent Mia Kesner


Someone who brings up the team during a rough inning, always puts a smile on your face, and has a good work ethic in sports and real life is someone anyone would be lucky to have in their corner. Mia Kesner, a freshman at Lakeland, brings all of these things to the table for her softball team, friends, and family. 

Kesner moved to North Idaho from Sacramento, California a few years ago and has been a great addition to the Hawk family. Upon entering high school, her goal was to set a record or legacy that future student-athletes could look up to. She plans to do this both on the field and in the school hallways.

“I want to be the best pitcher this school has ever seen by my senior year and set a good example to make this school a better place,” Kesner said. Kesner can achieve her goals, given the hard work she puts into everything she does. 

Kesner started playing softball when she was four years old and has not looked back. She practices softball when not trying a new activity or exploring a new place. 

“I absolutely fell in love with the game,” Kesner said. She never takes a day off, and even during a bad day, her release is through practice, whether that is hitting or fielding. 

“My favorite thing about softball is the feeling you get when you or one of your teammates make an extraordinary play,” Kesner said. Plays like these hype up the team, and it is hard to compare a better feeling. She is passionate about the sport and even more passionate about winning, so she does everything in her power to help her team to victory. However, hard work is not the only thing Kesner values. 

“I have and always will value the time I have with the people closest to me and the time I am given in this life,” Kesner said. Time is something that most people will take for granted, but Kesner refuses to let this happen. She desires to live a life with no regrets, only memories.

Through her values in a sports setting, it is remarkable what Kesner has accomplished. Kesner is a freshman on varsity, a considerable accomplishment that shows her skill and dedication to the sport. 

“Making varsity as a freshman was a very rewarding title because of how hard I’ve worked at it for the past ten years of my life,” Kesner said. She admits it is not the easiest thing and can be very humbling at times, but she is very proud to be part of such a unique, welcoming team. “I have not once felt left out, and it feels amazing being part of a sports program that represents Lakeland,” Kesner said. Clearly, playing on a varsity team shows that hard work does eventually pay off. 

Outside of school ball, Kesner is on a travel softball team and has been for five years; she currently plays for Lake City Thunder. It is an excellent environment as it allows you to thrive and be your best. This is something that Kesner also feels about being part of the softball team at Lakeland because of DC, the head coach.

“He truly made me not only feel like I have a spot on the field but has also helped me gain the confidence to succeed. He pushes you to do better,” Kesner said. DC has created a very welcoming environment, and his coaching style makes him one of the best coaches Kesner has ever had. This is also because of how coachable Kesner is. 

“Mia is very coachable and is always willing to do what the team needs. One of her best attributes is her attitude,” DC said. Kesner is upbeat and is always encouraging the girls, especially when needed. 

The sport has given her a skillset she can use throughout the rest of her life. Softball is a sport of failure, and when playing as long as Kesner, one learns how to deal with these moments. 

“Softball has helped me learn how to handle mistakes and frustration, which I use in everyday life,” Kesner said. It has also taught her how to be a leader and work well on a team, both skills applicable beyond high school and into college. 

After high school, Kesner plans to become a real estate agent and eventually run her own agency or get a criminal law degree to protect and fight for justice. Choosing a college that offers a good education for these career paths is essential, which is why her dream college is the University of Oregon. 

“U of O is my dream college not only because they have a great learning environment, but they also have an amazing softball team,” Kesner said. 

She has always loved their softball program and has even been in their dugout during games. 

“I have been the team’s batgirl multiple times and go to as many games of theirs as I can. It’s just a team I want to be part of,” Kesner said.

With her work ethic, dedication to the sport, and education, getting into Oregon is possible. Kesner has already done a lot for our softball program here at Lakeland, and it is exciting to see what else she has to offer in the years to come.