Dancing Queen, Only Seventeen


I could be biased when I say that Lakeland High School senior and my friend, Isadora Goad is a great and talented person. However, there are undeniable reasons that prove what I have been thinking for a long time now. An example? Without any doubt, her recent signing to the University of Idaho Dance Team.

This is a huge achievement for Goad, LHS, and all the people that have supported her on this long path that began at a very young age. 

“On my third birthday, I had my first show, but I actually started dancing when I was 18 months old,” Goad said. Since that moment, she has never looked back. 

She, indeed, was lucky to have a mom who owns a dance studio and who, therefore, has always invited her to follow this path. However, Goad believes that she would have become a dancer regardless. What she loves about dance is its ambivalence of being a sport where you can compete and challenge yourself but also an art form where you can perform and transmit emotions and messages to other people.

Being part of the LHS dance team was also an important part of her journey that helped her become more independent. Her time as a dancer at LHS taught her how to cooperate with a team of people she does not know. 

It will surely be difficult to leave LHS for college since she has spent her whole life between Rathdrum and Post Falls. “I am going to miss everyone here,” Goad said, “But I am ready for this new chapter in my life, and I am very excited to meet new people as well.”

She was planning on having a roommate but then decided to go through rush and hopefully join a sorority. In a sorority, she will always be surrounded by people and good vibes, which will distract her from thinking about her homesickness.

Goad, however, feels pretty confident in regards to missing home because she will be only two hours from Rathdrum. She is also sure her parents will always visit her and come to her games and competitions, as they have always done.

What is going to be very different and disorienting at the beginning will be not living with her twin, Emma Goad. They are both going to the same university. Still, they will try to “avoid” each other as much as possible. “We just need to branch out,” Goad said, “We are very much alike, and we need to develop better our two different personalities.” 

Goad is extremely happy to have been selected through auditions among many other girls to be part of the University of Idaho dance team. “They are a D1 school which means that they have one of the best athletics programs in all the United States,” Goad said, “And the dance team, called “The Spirit Squad,” is really a mix of dance and cheer.”

She doubts dance will become her job after college because dancing professionally would be very hard to handle, but for now, she has big projects that involve dancing. 

She is also planning on studying abroad for a couple of weeks or maybe a couple of months. The destinations of her dreams are Italy(to enjoy the food and visit my home country), London, and saxophone countries like Scotland or Ireland, where she would not have to learn a new language. LHS senior Brady Hanna said about her friend Goad that she is always positive about everything and very supportive of anything her friends want to do. In his opinion, she is a wonderful person to have in his life. 

Currently, Goad is trying to enjoy the final part of her high school experience, which is always the most emotional and controversial part. The end of this chapter is full of goodbyes and fears but a lot of enthusiasm for what will come next. I am sure whatever life has in store next in Goad’s life is going to be simply magnificent.