Deciding Between Giants


The tool that allows us to contact people all the way across the world and has near limitless amounts of knowledge at your fingertips. The smartphone is a brilliant invention that has now solidified its place in our culture and history.

IBM Simon Personal Communicator was the very first smartphone to have ever hit the market. In 1994, the absolute brick of a phone featured a working touch screen. This cellular device was actually manufactured by Mitsubishi!

The phone that I currently use is a cheap LG product that I do not even know the name of. I got it when I was 12 years old for Christmas, and I am now a few months away from being 17 and am still using a beater of a cellular device.

Do not get me wrong. If I had to choose between my current phone and the IBM Simon Personal Communicator, I would much rather have my current.

Sadly, I am soon going to retire this trusty old thing for a newer model. I am probably going to move over to Samsung because, in general, I like their product more than their rival Apple. 

I plan on keeping my new phone a long time, so one reason why I want a Samsung is that iPhones are considerably more expensive to repair. Samsung has more varying products with a wider price range to fit my budget, whereas iPhone is more one-dimensional in terms of its products and price range.

A lot like myself, Adriana Artz did not know where her phone was purchased or what model it is. She possibly will be getting a new phone somewhat soon. Jonathan Eggart on the other hand, got his phone last year and is already planning on getting a new one. 

Maybe someday, phones will become obsolete, or maybe we will get implants that are ten times more advanced. Although that is just speculation that I think of sometimes, I like thinking of how the new phone will be different than the phones of the past.

I can not wait to see what comes next or when it will be.