What’s Next: Noah Garza


“I’ve had the best times in high school, and it has been a great time,” Noah Garza said. 

But what is next for Garza? What does he want to do?

Garza plans to be a firefighter. He loves the idea of helping people. Another option he is considering is going into some type of structuralism or construction. 

He really believes that firefighting is the path he wants to take because he wants to help save people. 

He also hopes to financially find a steady place after high school and be able to find stable housing. 

Garza is very grateful for everything he has learned at Lakeland High School. 

He has made many memories with his friends and has found his teachers to be very inspiring. 

Mark Sescilla has been exceptionally helpful to Garza throughout high school, and he is glad to have had the opportunity to have him as a teacher. 

“Mr. Sescilla gave such good life lessons to me throughout high school, and he has just helped me overall,” Garza said. “He has also made my music skills ways better.”

Although his time is coming to an end here, Garza is grateful for all the memories here. 

He has learned many life lessons, but he has also made many memories with his friends that he will never forget. 

High school can be a scary and intimidating time, but Garza learned never to change himself for anyone else because it should not matter. 

“Live life how you want to and let nobody judge it,” Garza said. 

However, there are some fears that come to mind when leaving high school. Garza does have some fears about having to move on independently and become an adult, but he is mostly excited. 

Garza has made many friends over the years at LHS. Leiloni Barrett, a senior at LHS, has become very close with Garza after spending most lunches with each other. 

“We usually walk to Super 1 at lunch together,” Barrett said. 

Barrett feels like Garza has definitely helped her open up more. 

It is now easier for Barrett to make friends and talk to new people, and she has Garza to thank for it. 

Although he is sad that his last day of high school is coming up, Garza is excited to step into the real world on his own and make a difference.