Make Your Bed


Get up. 



Many say that making one’s bed in the morning is essential to having a good day. It can be integrated into everyone’s morning routine, but not everyone thinks it is worth the extra five minutes. 

Mica Kazemba, a sophomore at LHS, makes his bed every morning when he gets up. Adding this into his schedule leads him to a more productive day and starts it off strong. After his long day, he enjoys getting into a fresh, made day. 

In childhood, he was always told to make his bed in the morning, so it became a habit. He plans to teach the same habit to his future kids. Organizing and tucking make it much easier to go to bed knowing it’s clean and organized. 

“Looks cooler when snapping people,” Kazemba said. 

Basically, if someone wants to pick up girls, a good way is to have a made bed. Some girls would think it is a red flag if a guy does not have a nicely made bed. 

Landree Simon, a sophomore at LHS, does not think it is an ick if a guy has an un-made bed in the background of a Snapchat. 

She does not make her bed in the morning because she is too tired and has no time to. The statement that making one’s bed in the morning makes a better day is not true in Simon’s eyes. If she makes her bed, she will become late for school, which will end up making her have a bad day. 

“If I had time to add it to my schedule, I would,” Simon said. 

Some may make their bed, and others may not. It is inconsistent amongst the students of LHS.

An extra five minutes of sleep can be considered much more important than tidying the bed; it all just depends on what one thinks an important morning looks like. 

Matt Neff, the activities director at LHS, does not make his bed in the morning because of his schedule. He does not prioritize it because he has to get three children up and ready for their day. 

As an ex-military, he has spent a lot of time making military standard beds, so he sees how it may make one’s day better.  

“I could wake up a tiny bit earlier, but I do not make it a priority right now,” Neff said. 

Moving one’s schedule around or setting the alarm a tiny bit earlier can easily add making the bed into a schedule. 

Determine whether it is important. Make the bed and make the day better.