The Lakeland junior varsity softball team set a goal at the beginning of the season, and so far, they have continued to keep that dream alive. The team sits with an undefeated record of 14-0 and plans to continue racking up wins until the end of the season. 

This not only represents Lakeland’s softball program but also hints at what the program has to offer in the near future. This year, varsity seems to have struggled in their games, but the success that JV has achieved is a push of motivation to both levels of competition. 

JV’s success “shines a great light on the Lakeland Softball program,” DC Dwyane Curry said. It shows what this program has to offer and how we plan to face competition. Having a good mentality and remaining optimistic going into games is a determining factor of whether or not the team takes home a win or a loss. JV has been great about keeping their spirits up, but remaining humble, an image that Lakeland tries to poetry on both the JV and varsity teams. 

“The JV program inspires the varsity team to achieve the same level of success,” DC said. Varsity often wants to lead by example, so this is likely going to push them to do better. The JV record has and will continue to “give varsity motivation and determination to beat the competition,” Coach Longley said. 

Their success not only helps Lakeland’s current softball athletes but also helps younger, upcoming athletes. This team will “inspire our younger girls who will be coming to the program to have the same drive as they do. It stacks varsity for future years to come,” Coach Longley said. 

This has created a sense of pride in not only the girls but the coaches as well. “I am extremely proud of the athletes and the JV coaches,” DC said. The JV coaches, Mackenzie Longley and Jaycee Jerome, have done an amazing job preparing the girls for the season and leading them to victory throughout their games. “I truly feel that I have some great coaches in position,” DC said. Coach Longley even added, saying, “As their coach, I could not be more proud of all the hard work and dedication all of my girls put in on and off the field, and it really shows in their performance.” 

Both teams need to work in different aspects of the game, but with their drive and determination, its no doubt they would be able to overcome those obstacles. JV’s success is sure to drive varsity forward and set standards for upcoming athletes.