One More?


A huge decision is upon IHSAA that will impact Lakeland sports. 

This potential change lies with the classification numbers that decide what division North Idaho schools fit into. The new proposal keeps six classifications but they will be called 6A, 5A, 4A, 3A, 2A, and 1A. 

Currently, the classifications are 5A, 4A, 3A, 2A, 1A Division I, and 1A Division II. Lakeland, a 4A, is a part of the same division as Moscow and Sandpoint High School. The numbers actively being considered have been in place for almost two decades and affect grades 9-12 the most heavily. These are the proposed numbers:

6A — 1,400 students and above (is now 1,281 and above in 5A)

5A — 700-1,399 students (is 640- 1,280 in 4A)

4A — 350-699 students (is 320-639 in 3A)

3A — 175-349 students (is 160-319 in 2A)

2A — 90-174 students (is 85-159 in 1A Division I)

1A — 89 students and below (now 84 and below in 1A Division II)

If this idea goes through, Lewiston will be added to Lakeland, Sandpoint, and Moscow, and they will all be considered 5A. Upon approval, it will be put into effect for the 2024-25 school year.  

Lakeland varsity football player, Carter Vanek, does not agree with the classification change.

“There is too big of a difference in the new numbers, so Lewiston should not be added. It will impact football in a negative way because Lewiston is a previous 5A that thrived even in the biggest division, and they will just dominate our league,” said Vanek. 

Although a bigger team may be added to Lakeland’s league, it could also positively impact the Hawks. An additional school added to our ranks leads to an additional state berth. Playing in regionals now with only three teams is not as easy as it would be with four possible contenders. 

Based on the sport they participate in, certain athletes agree with the idea more than others. 

“I agree with Lewiston being added due to our league because there is more opportunity to go to state for basketball,” said Mason Hensley. 

Clearly, there are mixed feelings on how this change may affect Lakeland and the future of its sports.