Terrors of the Past Generation


Prehistoric creatures are an awesome force of old times that could crush cars and outfight near anything that came in their path.

Dinosaurs are some of the most terrifying and prime examples of carnivores and herbivores that have ever existed. Sure, they have their weaknesses and downfalls but one of the world’s most feared predators at the top of the food chain and is a near-perfect specimen… The Tyrannosaurus Rex! 

Tyrannosaurus Rex or T-Rex was an absolute unit of an animal compared to modern-day predators, such as brown bears, saltwater crocodiles, killer whales, and many more.

T-Rex was a large predatory entity that hunted by spooking its prey, then using its large and powerful mouth to bite and tear apart its flesh. Using 6-12 inch teeth, an aggressive attitude, and giant size, it was at the pinnacle of the food chain for its time period. However, it should be made a point that it was not invincible.

Siats Meekeroreum, or just Siats (pronounced see-atch) was one of the few dinosaurs that lived during the T-Rex’s reign that could put up a fight against the tyrant.

Besides my love of predators and learning about their intelligence, they are not the only type of dino I like.

Herbivores are also interesting, such as my favorite… The Therizinosaurus! Therizinosaurus, or as I call them Thero’s, was a large herbivore. They were weighing in at six tonnes, about the same weight as a T-Rex! It had long appendages on all of its three fingers on each hand, they may seem perfect for grabbing flesh, but they were used for self-defense and gripping foliage, of which it would eat.

Olivia Domonoske is a big fan of dinosaurs as well as our very own Mrs. Colleen Hall. Their favorite dinosaurs are Triceratops and Brontosaurus, respectively. They both knew about the T-Rex through Jurassic Park, but they had no clue what a Therizinosaurus was.

I like discussing the topic of dinosaurs, and I especially love learning about the blast from the past beasts. They always lead to wholesome conversations, violet descriptive details, or a very heated argument, all of which I love.