Can I Tell You a Secret?


I promise I will not tell anyone.

It is a secret that has to stay between us. 

A secret is something that is meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others.

Paige Rose, a freshman at LHS, is a constant secret keeper and teller. She will keep secrets for the most part unless the person does something to her. Whether she keeps secrets or not depends on the person. 

She will sometimes trust people with her secrets. Only sharing the important secrets to five people max in order to avoid it spreading. 

“I promise I will not tell anyone,” Rose said. 

Someone’s reputation can get tarnished in the instance of them not keeping a secret because they will simply become untrustworthy. 

Conversations with untrustworthy people like this will often start with, “You didn’t hear this from me, but…”

Chase Burcham, a senior at LHS, will always try his best to keep secrets. If it benefits a friend of his, he will make an exception and spill.   

He does not have much trust, though. He thinks that if someone tests too many people at once, one of them will cross you eventually. 

“I’m all secreted out,” Burcham said.

Being smart with secrets is essential in keeping them safe. They can easily get put into the wrong hands and taken the wrong way. 

In the game of telephone, the words change from person to person, and this is the same with secrets. It starts off with “she quit volleyball” and becomes “she got kicked off the team for a crime.” 

I personally LOVE secrets! I usually only tell secrets to my besties, but I will always tell my trusty mom. If it is a juicy secret I am not supposed to hear, I will be prying it out of someone in order to hear it. 

I HATE when juicy secrets about me get spread because it feels uneasy to have bad information go around about you. If it is a cool secret about me like that I am a secret billionaire, go ahead and spread it like wildfire. 

If I know I am going to spill the secret when someone tells me, I will always say, “No, I will not tell anyone. Why would I do that? I have no one to tell.” As this comes out of my mouth, I make sure my fingers are crossed behind my back. With this, though, I do not spread the secret. I just tell a select few.

If spreading a secret will hurt feelings, resist the urge.