It’s Probably Still Good


One Mississippi.

Two Mississippi. 

Three Mississippi.

Four Mississippi.

Five Mississippi. 

After all that, is food still considered edible or should it automatically go into the trash if it touches the ground?

There are many circumstances that can decide whether or not someone will eat off the ground; where someone is, what the food is,  and how long it was on the ground.

It depends on the person’s opinion on germs and dirt. 

Michael Locke, a senior at LHS, is a 5-second rule believer and will usually eat something if he drops it on the ground. His decision to eat the food depends on what the food is; if it is something he really likes or he paid for he will. Things like pizza or a beagle would depend on which side lands face down. 

He’s holding a full jar of queso, drops it, and it lands upside down with all of the delicious cheese on the ground. Locke would continue scooping the queso that has not touched the ground. 

“I will get sick eventually so I may as well eat whatever,” Locke said. 

One may think that from gender to gender, the opinion would change, but in this case, it does not. 

Jersi Fitting, a sophomore at LHS, is pickier when it comes to deciding to eat floor food. Generally, if she drops something she will not eat it, and if it is on the ground for more than five seconds she will definitely not eat it. 

In the comfort of her own home, she is much more likely to follow the five-second rule. 

“In the grass what if a dog peed right where I dropped the food, that’s gross,” Fitting said. 

The problem with dropping and eating something off the ground in many places is that no one knows what happened to the floor before the food landed there. 

Someone could have done all of the above to that poor floor. 

Steve Seymour, a teacher at LHS, does not associate with the five-second rule for those reasons. 

“I will not eat anything off the ground no matter how long it was down there,” Seymour said. 

Teachers are at school every day with germ-filled children, so the last thing they need is to get sick from eating a ground snack. 

In my opinion, it depends where I am. If  I am at school, in any transportation, or in a place with lots of people, I will not eat any floor snacks period.

In the comfort of my own home, it depends on what food I have dropped and how important it is to me.