The Conviences of Driving


All students’ next level of freedom is receiving their driver’s license and being able to get in the car to drive to the store or a friend’s house. 

It was more convenient than begging parents to drive their licenseless kids around. 

Lakeland High School has a few students who have yet to get their licenses, and it is hard for them to get around or do things they want to do. 

Therefore, that leads students to rely on parents or friends to reach places. 

Junior Jack Law has yet to get his license. He is working towards getting his driver’s license, but he can not stress how annoying it is not having one. 

Law hates feeling like he has to rely on his friends to take him to and from places. 

Also, having to rely on his parents is not ideal for either Law or his parents. 

He explains that his parents have places to be rather than taking him around whenever and wherever he needs. 

“It sucks not having a license, so I cannot wait to get mine,” said Law. 

A large majority of the student body has their driver’s licenses and finds it incredibly nice to be able to drive by themselves. 

Refraining from relying on people for drives lifts the pressure off of not worrying about how they are getting around. 

Junior Clayton Quinn has had his driver’s license for a while now. He expresses how easy it is to have a permit, allowing him to do more in his life. 

Quinn explains that he would not be able to have a job or hang out with his friends as much because he lives so far away and his parents are not available to give him rides. 

Having a license gives him the freedom to do everything he enjoys, and he only worries about whether he has enough gas to get from point A to point B.  

Getting a license is a new level of maturity and freedom.

Everyone remembers the day when they had to ask their parents or their friend’s parents for a ride. But those days of relying on people for rides are slowly fading. 

Being able to hop in the car and go is way more convenient than texting a handful of people and hoping someone agrees to drive. Every student should work hard to get their license and stay safe on the roads if they already have it.