Humans of Lakeland: Rick Anderson


The Humans of Lakeland features members of the LHS community. This is the seventh in the series.

“Different people find different things important.  The things that are important to me on a personal level include my health, my family’s health, spending time with my grandchildren, and providing for my family. On a professional level, what I teach is very important to me. I am a history and economics teacher. I think it is essential from an economic perspective to educate and motivate young people. When they walk out of this institution, it is important that they understand the role of money.  I believe that history is important because maybe we can predict the future by knowing what happened in the past.  It is also fun for me to teach because I get to tell stories for a living.  To be a teacher, you have to be able to relate to the kids you are teaching.  In my case, I want to bring humor to the job.  If I can make people laugh, I think they will be more open to what I have to say.  The advice I would give to young people looking for what they want to do in the future is to find something they love.  If you don’t, you will work and it will be a job.  I think it is helpful to try different things, find out what suits you best, and stay in that lane.  Go out, have fun, and enjoy yourself.”

-Rick Anderson, history and economics teacher