Are we Alone?


Whether you believe in silver disks or microorganisms, I think aliens do exist.

In my humble opinion, denying the existence of extraterrestrial life is arrogance. If people were to put more thought into it and think about how many solar systems and galaxies there are, it’s impossible for the human race to be the only living conscious life forms.

However, I don’t believe in the little green men that come from Mars to probe us, then leave on their flying saucers lined with lights. Still, I think the existence of other lifeforms that we can’t even perceive because of how human imagination has been diluted with how our environment and ecosystems work are real.

For example, if for some reason we found an alien skeleton and it had fins and tentacles, we might think it lived in some sort of a liquid surrounding, but if the gravity of the planet it was from was super light and had tall thin mountain peaks, it might have used those fins to maneuver through the air and used the tentacle to pull itself from peak to peak. That kind of alien would defy what humans consider normal or unorthodox.

I think a few in a million would share some of the same traits humans have or some traits our planet’s animals have due to how limited the possibilities are.

Some aliens might be so far ahead of us in terms of technology, or some might be super far behind us because of how the universe was created. The universe is still expanding; it was expanding before the earth was formed and humans came into existence.

The chance of there being human-like aliens is a thought I have a lot, not like our exact organ placement but aliens that are bipedal and having feet and hands with fingers and toes; that would be quite an amazing coincidence.

As for Casen Hostetler, he believes that there are aliens and that they would be cool. At the same time, they would probably exterminate humans. 

Casen could not pin down a design because there are so many possibilities.

Amelia Hamburger thinks aliens may exist due to a wide and vast universe.

The search for proof of alien life is ongoing, and countless people are working on this, but I think there will be no solid evidence in my lifetime. The best chance we have of alien contact is the Voyager message we sent into space as of now forty-two years ago.