Making a Living Young


Having a job as a high school student has a lot of benefits, from paying your own bills to having luxury money. 

Quite a few students here at Lakeland High School work many hours a week, but what do they need that money for besides the basics like gas?

Without thinking about gas or financial things like that, what do you really need money for?

Maylin Knoblich is a senior who has been working since he was in his sophomore year.

 “Well being a senior this year, I have to be able to pay for college for the next four years and be able to move out,” Knoblich said. “Also, luxury money so I can pay for other things and buy things for the people I care about. Government-issued things are also expensive. I didn’t work as much as I did before I was a senior, but I wanted the money because I had no savings and started working at the end of my sophomore year. I also really enjoyed the people I was around and it made me more social, so I appreciated that.”

As students get older they have more responsibilities but a lot of students like to just have money and like to expand their savings and as students get older they have more responsibilities.

“I just like to save money so that if I do need something expensive or if something is wrong with my truck, I like to know that I have money,” said Mason Kirk a Lakeland high school student. “I also like just to have money and I like having it stacked up. Eventually, I plan to spend the money on a dirtbike but I have to save. I don’t really like spending my money on the little things I just save it the most I can.”

Saving is important to a lot of people. It can have a big impact on their future and is probably the better option.

“I don’t need the money I just like it. I don’t ever save it,” Lakeland student Evan Wallace explained. “I usually spend it on truck parts or other things like dirtbike parts. The work keeps me busy and occupied. I’ve gained some friendships from it. The things I want keep me motivated to keep working.”

A lot of students do not actually need the money, they want it. Working does have many benefits if you want to be more social or just make money. Having a job can have great opportunities.