Myths Or Material

Animals are the most savage, elegant and temperamental beings on this planet. If there was a list concerning this topic, animals would be above us humans and I will stand by my opinion on this argument.

I understand that us humans have done some pretty brutal things, but animals just take the cake in that concern. To back this up I have done extensive research on the National Geographic tv channel and have found some interesting facts.

Reptiles and cold-blooded scaly creatures are mostly predators, some of these reptiles include but are not limited to, snakes, lizards, turtles, dinosaurs and DRAGONS!

Some people think that dragons have gone extinct, which is an opinion I agree with, but I think at one time or another they have existed. 

Not the giant, prideful, gold-seeking dragons from fairy tails, but a delicate lizard who has certain glands that eject a chemical that is easy to ignite. 

I think that these have existed but due to near-hollow bones their skeletons have not been fossilized. Medieval knights may have seen these creatures and decided to slay them for glory and honor.

Thinking about how these mythical creatures, may have existed excites me to a point of my brain feels like it is going to explode from all the possibilities.

Mammals are warm-blooded and often have hair as well as give birth to live offspring. Some of these creatures and monkeys, dogs, cats, elephants and SASQUATCH! Sasquatches or Bigfoot, is a pacific northwest creature. 

A recurring theme with this animal is that I believe these exist. I do not believe the TV crews that film “proof” that they exist, but the random stories you hear from park rangers and other out doorsie occupations scarily make sense. 

Thanks to Dr. Rockett and Susana Smith, I was able to expand my views on the existence of these creatures. Dr. Rockett said he did not think that dragons existed which is what most people think, but Susie did think that they have existed. 

Sasquatch is another controversial topic that I believe they exist but again Dr. Rockett disagreed due to its size and evading being seen for all this time. However, Susie agreed with me believing that they exist.

My reason for believing Sasquatch exist is because the pacific northwest still has miles of unsearched and unexplored land.,

In the end, it is a matter of opinion and how far deep you want to go on the internet, but respectfully. I think dragons have existed and Sasquatch still walks the earth.