Almost Out!


With the fourth quarter being in full swing for Lakeland High School, students are getting very excited about school being out for the summer. After a long nine months of being in school, students are more than ready for it to end. 

T-minus two months of school left, students tend to slack off the rest of the school year, not thinking it matters all that much, which should not be the case. 

On the other hand, other students see this as an opportunity to push themselves through the last final stretch of school. 

Junior at LHS Clayton Quinn is very excited for school to be over with. Quinn has some trouble staying motivated in selective classes, but for the rest of the classes, he finds it easy to get through the rest of the year. 

Quinn’s goal is to ensure he will not end up having summer school. He is working hard to graduate on time with his class of 2024. 

Quinn believes that to fulfill this goal, he has to stay on top of his school work, study to pass tests and remain well-behaved in his classes. 

“I am excited for school to get out so I can make money and hang out with my friends,” Quinn said. 

Having so much excitement for the summer may blind students from focusing on class work that will still be assigned and finals that need to be studied for. 

A lot of things can still be taught and learned in two months. 

Another Junior for LHS, Bailey Kennedy, is above excited for school to be out. She finds it challenging to stay on track when she is close to being done.

She knows that the more she stays on top of her work and earns the grades that she wants, the easier these next two months will be.

“With school being out soon, I am excited to just be outdoors for hiking and other outdoor activities,” Kennedy said.  

Students’ time during the school year is mainly taken up by going to school and coming home to work on homework. So with the end of the year near, it can lead students not wanting to try anymore. 

Even though the last few months of school do not seem as crucial as when school firsts start, everyone should always strive to do their best, even if summer is just around the corner.