Humans of Lakeland: Keona Roemermann


The Humans of Lakeland features members of the LHS community. This is the fifth in the series.


“Motivation drives you to reach your full potential and offers you opportunities to find what you are good at.  Knowing some of my favorite bands had the motivation to get where they are today really inspires me.  I really like to listen to Led Zepplin, Van Halen, Alice in Chains, and Soundgarden. Seeing what they have done encourages me to do something with my life. I love to spend time playing tennis, playing guitar, writing, and making art.  Someday, I want to be a rockstar, but I also would like to be an astrobiologist.  Most of all, I want to be able to look back on my life and know I did something positive with it.  I think it is really important to find something that motivates you.  Think of the future, don’t waste your time while you still have it, and work towards something. I love Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 4 Remake.”

-Keona Roemermann, Sophomore