Irritation Advertising


There are commercials and ads everywhere you go, whether on your phone or watching tv. So, what are some of the worst commercials?

Personally, I do not watch tv commercials, so I cannot really say what commercials I hate or do not mind.

Pop-up ads have to be some of the most annoying types. Scrolling through websites and getting hit with an ad right away, when you exit out, you get hit with another ad somewhere else, and it ends up in your way. That has to be one of the most annoying things.

Other types of annoying ads play just before you are about to watch a movie or a video. Anyone would want to skip the ad as soon as possible. 

Sure, I prefer when there are no ads or commercials at all, but shorter or less frequent ads are preferred; when the ads are very long or there are many of them it annoys me. Personalized ads can also feel invasive to some.

“I find them quite annoying because they interrupt my free time,” AJ Mura, a freshman at Lakeland explained, “They also take up a lot of my screen space which bothers me. I always end up feeling irritated. Before I watch a movie, they always have ads and then the movie starts even later than it should have, which is very annoying. I can see how personalized ads would bother a lot of people.”

These ads can lead to other problems like people not even wanting to view the site or watch certain things, and may cause the viewer to use the website or app less.

For me, if it is a website, I would never revisit the site, and if an app I would use it less or never again.

“They are annoying and can be repetitive and can be too much to handle. It makes me never want to visit it again. Just like Snapchat, certain things you do on there lag with an ad, and it makes me mad,” Kaylea Clift stated.

I think some websites and apps need to slow down with the ads. Keep them short and to the point. They would likely get more viewers if they did that.