Sweet Vs. Savory


Sometimes the fruits of labor can be quite fulfilling, but what is more filling are actual fruits themselves. Fruits are my favorite types of food, besides meat.

I love fruits. They are high in natural sugars and vitamins, are sweet and juicy, and are good for the soul. Meats are also good for you. They have protein and iron, and they share something in common with fruits. They are both juicy in their own way. 

I have made an effort to decide if I like fruits or meats better. I chose my favorite items from the respective categories and asked myself three questions. How much could I eat without throwing up? Which flavor do I generally prefer? 

The items I have chosen to pin against each other are watermelon vs chicken breast, raspberry vs roasted ham, and strawberry vs steak.

For watermelon vs chicken breast, I think I could eat more watermelon without throwing up. I generally prefer the taste of watermelon, but I think chicken breast is the more popular food. For this round, fruit wins a point.

In raspberry vs roasted ham, I think I could eat more ham without throwing up. Although, overall, I think I prefer the taste of raspberry. In terms of the most popular, I think I like raspberries more. Fruits win yet another point.

Strawberry vs steak, I think I could eat more strawberries than steak. I mostly prefer the taste of a really good steak, but I think the more popular would be… Steaks. Meat wins a point!

So, in conclusion, fruits win 2-1. 

Connor Abey said he liked meat more generally because he likes the savory taste. Aspen Lawson mostly agreed with Abey, but she said she liked steak more than strawberries. They both thought that meats are the most popular between the two options, and I can not deny their logic.