The Battle of Focus


It is no secret some students hate being in class. Either they are bored out of their minds, or they are staring into space, thinking about anything but the lesson being taught. 

Personally, there is not anything specific I do to keep myself busy or entertained. I usually find myself dozing off or creating fake scenarios in my head that completely distract me from anything that is going on in class. I would not recommend doing this if striving for good grades.

What are some things other students do in class to stay entertained?

Crash Kirby, a sophomore at Lakeland High School, said, “I play games like chess if I am allowed to or I am sleeping. I always end up rolling my pencil around or fidgeting. I like sitting next to my friends even though that can not always happen. I can usually pay attention unless it is a boring class because the teacher can make it really boring. When the teacher is fun, the more engaged and awake I am.”

Most students are able to pay attention when a teacher is more fun and engaging. I like teachers that are able to introduce fun group activities. 

“I always keep my goal of getting straight A’s in mind,” said Natausha Hollis, an A student at LHS. “I like to come up with different questions about the topic that we are learning, so it keeps me more entertained when I want to know the answers. Sometimes I hate the class, but other times I am learning about valuable things, so I actually pay attention.”

A student’s main goal might be to get good grades, and that might be enough to motivate them but some students also just generally think of things to motivate them or do things to motivate them.

Eryinn Clanin does just that. “I think about things that motivate me, and it helps. Depending on what I am doing, I like making songs about the stuff we are learning or relating them to other things that help me remember. It might not make sense to other people, but it helps me a lot,” Clanin says.

Staying focused in school and in class can be hard for anyone, especially if you do not have much motivation, to begin with. But finding things in class you enjoy doing will help.