‘I Love this Community’

A Q&A with Detroit Rodgers


Detroit Rodgers is sophomore at Lakeland high school. He has earned student of the month and is very well known. He is very hard working in school and prioritizes making sure he gives back to the community. “I love this community and I like giving back to it.” 


Q: What are some of your hobbies? 

A: “I am often playing video games. I love reading, working, playing with my dog, hanging out with friends whenever that may be. I do all these things because I find a lot of joy in them.” 


Q: What is your biggest accomplishment?

A: “I think I have made a lot of accomplishments this year, for example getting student of the month, perfect attendance this far into the school year, and just making sure that I am caught up with all of my school work.” 


Q: What is one of your biggest goals?

A: “I hope to be able to get a good job and go to college, and my plan is to join the military and use the knowledge that I learned from school in the real world.” 


Q: What is your dream job?

A: “I want to become a diesel technician in the Air Force — especially with the training that I’ll be getting from the next few years. I hopefully will be working on cars, trucks, military vehicles. 


Q: Would you change your name? If so, what would you change it to?

A: “I like my name. It’s really interesting and cool because I was named after a city, and I think that it’s very unique. I would probably change it to a different city. It would definitely be “Denver” because it’s similar to the name that I have known my whole life.”  


Q: Do you read the book or watch the movie first?

A: “I would honestly read the book first. I find reading way better than watching a movie because you are able to visualize instead of watching a screen. You are able to create the characters and environments in your mind.”


Q: What are some of your interests?

A: “I am really interested in how the military works and I am looking into knowing more. My dad is a huge car guy and I want to learn more about vehicles as well. I think finally I am wanting to learn more about technology.” 


Q: What sparked your interest in the military? 

A: “My parents were talking about it and how basically my whole family has been in the military and how there are a lot of job opportunities as well as the amazing benefits from being in the military. Finally to serve our country.”