‘The Best Version’


Role models are crucial in how a child grows into an adult. Having someone to teach the difference between right and wrong is very important. Looking up to someone has taught people where they want to go and what is achievable.

Parents raise their children up until they are eighteen and are still there to teach life lessons and make sure their kids are the best they can be.

Maddison Woods, a sophomore, says that her parents are her role models in her life. 

Woods is very appreciative of her parents. She believes they are great parents and is thankful to have both of them in her life because she could not imagine where she would be without them.

“I would say that my parents are my role models because they have always been there for me and kept things real with me. Even when they do not know it, I appreciate every little thing they do,” said Woods.

Knowing that someone is there for you is always a good feeling because you know what you want to be like and how you can achieve that.

Zack Roses looks up to his older brother as a role model because his brother went from hard times to turning himself into a better man.

“My brother is my role model because, being six years older than me, I have had someone to look up to and learn from,” Roses said. “He has always protected me and was always there no matter what.”

Even as people grow up and mature, there are still people they can look up to in order to become the person they wish to be. 

Tim Kiefer has looked up to his older cousins Brett, Mark and Terry. Having older cousins can be fun, but it is also a good way to learn lessons.

Having a family that has attributes that you want to take on is a great way to develop a good personality.

“Some attributes I see in my cousins I would want to have would be to try to be the best version of myself,” Kiefer said. “I know that there are things that I’m not too good at but that I want to be good and it is important to me. I also want to be someone who communicates well.”