What’s Next: Matthew Wirtz


It is that time of year when seniors are preparing for the next chapter of their lives and start to live a more independent life. 

Matthew Wirtz, a senior at Lakeland High School, is preparing to move on and start college in the fall at Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho. 

Wirtz plans to major in finance and data analysis. 

Ideally, his plans are to be living in a big city like New York or Chicago once he is out of college and settled down. If he could choose, he would wish to be a financial trainer. 

The drive the Wirtz has to get things done is impeccable. Wirtz is the type of guy to finish all of his work the day he gets it, and even tries to work ahead some. 

“I definitely have a very strong work ethic,” Wirtz said. “I like to be able to relax and not worry about school work. I also care about making sure I do my best work always.” 

Being at LHS has prepared Wirtz for his next step in life. Not only have the teachers and staff taught him so many things throughout his education, but he now has useful skills to help him have the capability to learn. 

Wirtz believes that the skills he learned will help him get through challenging tasks that involve more critical thinking. 

During his time at LHS, Wirtz has made many memories that will stick with him for the rest of his life. Along with memories, Wirtz has made many impactful relationships while at LHS and plans to cherish them for a long time. 

Ryan Gentemen, a fellow senior at LHS has become quite close with Wirtz over the years. 

The memories they have together are something they will carry with them as they take their next big leap. 

“Me and Matthew have so many funny memories,” Gentlemen said. “I remember whenever I used to go over to his house, I would steal his shoes and bite them until he got very angry with me.” 

These two have had a strong friendship for many years. 

Although they may be going their own separate ways, they do plan to stay in touch no matter where they live. 

Even if it is not as easy, they will figure out a way to make sure their friendship survives. 

“I was thinking we could use pigeon carriers,” Gentlemen said.