Genius in Obscurity


Random thoughts and unique individuals are in abundance, especially in youths. Some of the most out-of-pocket things that have ever been said or done come from children, which I firmly believe in.

I, for one, love having random thoughts because they vary from topic to topic and trigger random bursts of creativity. Some of the most bubbly and cheerful people are those who “suffer” from being scatterbrained and are unafraid of voicing their thoughts.

Second to that is people who actually use this gift instead of wasting it like the lot of us. Kim Peek was the core inspiration for Raymond Babbitt, who was one of the main characters in the 1988 hit film Rain Man which I highly recommend, but he was in fact inflicted with Savant Syndrome, which made him “odd” but brilliant. He often had random thoughts and put them into words; for instance,m he read a book on Blackjack and card counting, and learned to count cards but decided against it because it was unethical, which he is entirely right.

If they tried, people without conditions could do the same things as Kim Pee. I know multiple people who are “weird” but are smart and know it, but they don’t apply themselves. The lack of confidence or motivation is the only thing dividing unique people from surfacing their talents. Sir Isaac Newton was a very odd man. He was constantly in deep thought that he rarely spoke to people. Little known fact Isaac Newton was the headmaster of a school, and the only time he talked to any of the staff was once when he asked someone to open a window.

He wanted to invent a cannon to help him figure out if gravity was universal, and in the process of that, he invented calculus.

How unorthodox when thinking of sending something to space; now one would think, let’s build a rocket. But back then, he thought of using a brilliantly weird and amazing cannon, and he invented a complicated and imaginative math subject. 

Blaze Davis is always thinking of random thoughts, and he thinks he is intelligent in the sense that “Not school wise but, I think I’m more wise or street smart.

I know multiple people who think of themselves this way and in some cases the opposite. I love how the human brain can think of unorthodox things out of the blue and embrace the thoughts and turn them into something sometimes worth hearing.