Holy Hanna!


Though Hannah Zeilstra leads a very busy life, she does not shy from bring her own light into whatever she’s does. c

Zeilstra is a homeschooled, junior student-athlete who attends Idaho Technical Career Academy, an online charter school. “I value hard work, effort, and respect,” Zeilstra said. This mindset is what drives her through life and through her education. 

Idaho Technical Career Academy is a very challenging schooling program. The classes are focused on careers and future educations, meaning they pertain to certain career paths the students want to pursue. 

Zeilstra is driving toward an occupation in criminal justice and law, hopefully attending more definite classes on the subject within this next year.

Law school is commonly known to be very challenging, but with Zeilstra’s work ethic, it’s no surprise she’d be able to supersede the doubtfulness of others regarding her career choice. 

Her work ethic is bound to drive her through her academic career as well allow her to maintain a well balanced life. 

Aside from her hobbies of weight lifting, hunting, and boating, Zeilstra is passionate about softball. 

“I love the sport in general and have since I was 5. I love everything about it,” Zeilstra said. 

Zeilstra’s primary position is catcher but admits she can play just about anywhere the coach needs her to. She was a great addition to the Lakeland sports program but says it didn’t always feel like that.

 “It was a little hard to fit in at first given I didn’t have the same opportunities to bond with my teammates during classes, but after a while it got better. My teammates all made me feel welcomed and definately made me feel included, especially this year,” Zeilstra said. 

Zeilstra is now playing on varsity, something she has been looking forward to since joining the hawk family. 

She is a strong utility player who has brought a lot to the Lakeland’s sport program and will continue to do so this year at a higher level. 

“I am looking forward to a higher level of competition, facing the best players at every school, and the chance to win the district and state titles,” Zeilstra said.

The varsity team as a whole plans to take the state title from Bishop Kelly in Southern Idaho, and Zeilstra plans to do so but with one step at a time. 

“I want to be an everyday player and make an impact wherever I can,” Zeilstra said. 

With this attitude and mindset, Zeilstra will bring the “here and now” that varsity may need to not get ahead of themselves. She has and will be a huge attribute to the team and can partly thank the coaching staff for that. 

According to Zeilstra, head coach Dwayne Curry has done an amazing job at setting up the softball program to be the best it can be, both mentally and physically. 

“We wouldn’t be where we are without him. He has done a great job hiring the perfect coaches to work alongside him as well,” Zeilstra said. 

Coaches can make or break a sport for an athlete, and DC has done wonders taking on this job as the head coach. Along with school ball, Zeiltra spends her time in the summer and fall practicing and playing for her travel team, Fearless.

Zeilstra says that both teams come with great opportunities and can be hard to pick which one is better. “High School softball is more competitive, and I love the competition; however, travel ball is fun because it can be more laid back at times and allows the team to create amazing memories on all the trips away from home,” Zeilstra said. 

Softball is a sport she values not only because of the competition, but also because of what it has taught her. 

“Softball has taught me the importance of teamwork, communication, responsibility and a bunch of other skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my life,” Zeilstra said.