Buzzcuts With Baxter


A barber’s biggest job is to cut hair.

Justin Baxter, a sophomore at Lakeland High School, is doing just that. He likes to play sports, video games, and hang out with friends; but the thing he is most passionate about is cutting hair. After high school, he plans on becoming a barber.

“It was always just a really cool thing, kind of like an art, and when I got my haircut I always wanted to do it too,” Baxter said. “Even though I don’t cut my own hair because I think I would mess that up, I hope I will get to that point someday.”

He has had to make some accommodations but he is making it work. Lately, he has been doing it in the school locker room during breaks. “It is the easiest place to go. There are outlets and it’s really easy to clean up,” Baxter said.

School is not the only place where Baxter is getting experience in cutting hair. He also gives people the option to do a home cut for an extra five dollars, raising the original price of 10 dollars to 15 dollars.

It was not an easy process though. He started off with bad equipment and youtube videos only. The next best thing he had to do was practice. So, he practiced on his friends enough until he felt he could charge money. He does not always like the haircuts he does but he is trying to get better.

Students from Lakeland all had good things to say about him.

Isaac Moore, just one student from Lakeland who got a haircut from Baxter said, “He did a good job. I would definitely go back. He charges cheap which is really nice, and I would definitely recommend him to other people who want a haircut. Even though there were other people in the locker room messing around, he still got it done.“

Anyone who wants a haircut can easily contact him through his Instagram, jtb.cuts.