“I Love My Parents”


The most critical relationship in a child’s life should be their parents. Some students have a good relationship between themselves and their parents. 

Being teenagers, it can sometimes be tricky to see where parents are coming from. It is sometimes hard for people to see their own faults and see reason. 

It is a known fact that parents get frustrated when their kids do not do what was asked of them, come home late, or give attitude. 

Lakeland High School freshman Bryce Fuller describes his relationship with his parents as friendly. Fuller loves his parents dearly, but sometimes they get into fights. Fuller’s parents tend to get mad at his grades and attitude. He has learned that keeping up his grades, having a clean room, and showing no attitude keep him out of trouble with his parents. Fuller said, “I have a beautiful mom and a swag dad.” 

As a child, it can sometimes feel impossible to reason or get along with their parents. Some students find it extremely easy to maintain a great relationship with their parents. 

Freshman Cyler Bauer explains that there must be good communication to have a good relationship with his parents. Talking to them about everyday life and ensuring they are in the loop with Bauer’s plans is the crucial foundation for trust in their relationship. Bauer and his dad being young and reckless makes for a stronger relationship. Bauer has learned that not lying to his parents opens the ability for him to go out with his friends and keep his mom happy with him. Bauer said, “I love my mom; her goodnight kisses give me the motivation to get up in the morning.” 

All choices lead to a result. Whether good or bad, parents are not trying to make life hard on kids. All they are trying to do is teach what is right and wrong. Parents want kids to learn from their mistakes and not make the same choices twice. 

Parents love their kids, and they are hard on their children because they are preparing kids for the real world. Without the knowledge learned from parents, kids would be completely unaware of what to do in this lifetime. Mom and Dad are not out to get anyone.