‘The Right Outfit’

Lakeland staff give their insight on teacher fashion trends


Teacher fashion has always had its stereotype; classy, professional, and efficient. 

Lakeland High School teachers have grown to have their style while working for the years. 

Teachers like Shannon Hall think that it is essential to dress professionally while at work. 

“We want to be treated as professionals, so we need to dress as such,” said Hall. 

Another thing that teachers dress for is comfort. Teachers are on their feet all day, so comfy shoes are something they need in their daily style. 

Staff like Tim Kiefer believe teachers should dress for what suits their job best. 

“Professionalism crossed with functionality, look nice but be able to perform your job,” said Kiefer. 

Other teachers have other goals with their appearance. Allison Knoll learned that she has to consider her height. 

“I’m only 5 feet tall, so I have to separate myself from looking like a student,” said Knoll. 

Knoll’s must need in her daily style is to make sure that she has heels to make her seem taller. 

Knoll also makes sure not to shop in the petite section so she will appear older. 

Some teachers’ fashion has developed over the years, and they have learned what is comfortable for them. 

When Hall first became a teacher, she would dress in things like skirts and slacks. Her style has now changed to clothes like cardigans, blazers, Birkenstocks and midi-length skirts. 

“Today, I like to wear more comfortable clothing and shoes that are easy to stand in all day,” said Hall. 

Other teachers like Rebecca Hasz have known what style suits them and what is overall more comfortable. 

“I grew up with a teacher as a parent, so when I started teaching, they advised me to dress a certain way,” said Hasz. 

Kiefer does wish he was able to wear more sweatpants while at work. 

“My legs get cold,” said Kiefer. 

Students have their own opinions on how teachers dress. Students like Ella Terzullli can notice a difference between how some teachers dress. 

“I think the newer teachers dress more professionally than the teachers that have been here a while that start to dress more for comfort,” said Terzulli. 

Dressing comfortably yet professionally is very important to all the teachers at LHS, who strive to show an excellent example for everyone at the school. 

“The right outfit can make all the difference in how you feel, how you act, and how people see you,” said Hasz.