Listening In


Is podcasting overlooked by this generation or is it in a good spot? Should it be looked at more?

With a new opportunity being brought to Lakeland High School, Mr. Ballard wishes to start a new elective next year, podcasting.

It will likely be a semester-long class for all ages to start. 

Ballard said that he would like this class to take place during sixth period so there is more time to brainstorm ideas and finish the day off with a fresh podcast.

Ballard feels that if the class is the last one of the day the students will not feel rushed.

The class will consist of the basics of producing a podcast and an introduction to different roles.

Podcasting roles consist of producers, post, those who write show notes and the ones who edit the audio.

Ballard will show students the different roles and learn how to use the equipment. 

The equipment consists of different types of microphones, cables, computer programs and everything that goes into editing the audio.

Ballard hopes this class will consist of an episode or two a week that comes from a bowl of topics picked at random to cover. 

Ballard wants the students to express how they feel on the matter and maybe have some teachers on a few episodes as well. 

The end goal for this class is to create a Lakeland podcast posted by students. 

“I got into it when I was in high school when some friends of mine were into podcasting,” Ballard said. 

Ballard worked for a podcasting company for a while learning audio production. Ballard believes it’s a cool art form with how relevant the media is. 

Ballard believes podcasting is overlooked but feels it is a good resource if students learn it. 

Principal Hoffman also believes that this class could be beneficial to students and shares what the process of approval is like.

The teacher who wishes to start a new class must send a course description. If the principal likes the idea of the class it is then sent to the district office. If it is a good fit and it goes with all the guidelines then they approve it.

“I think it allows our students to have some variety in their day,” Hoffman said.  it’s not that often that someone gets to take a podcasting class.” 

Being what Hoffman calls “the new thing,” he believes it is a good idea and he wants to see what it could become.

Hoffman said that he saw the strength in podcasting and that area when Mr. Ballard was interviewed. 

“When he was interviewed, we could sense a huge passion for podcasting and teaching kids how to podcast and we wanted to jump into that for sure,” Hoffman said. 

Hoffman said this class will likely be approved and the next step is just equipment.

Hoffman ends by saying he is excited for the class. 

Ballard believes this class can help those who want to start a Youtube channel or even produce music since they will learn how to use the tools.

Ballard hopes that those who are interested in music production and videography of sorts will take this class.

“I would encourage anyone interested in music production, podcasting, I think you should give it a shot, you would enjoy it,” Ballard said.