Solutions to Common Problems


Common problems are the bain of schedules and put a bad ending in close calls. They are tedious and very unnecessary to everyday life, yet they keep appearing without any signs of stopping.

If I could press a button that would stop all these annoyances from happening, but a hundred people died… I would not press the button because that would be utterly insane, but it is quite tempting.

Although if there was a formula for avoiding these problems, I would not dedicate my life to finding it but it would be amazing if that happened in my lifetime.

Some of these issues are untied shoes, drinking warm water, and saying “you too” when a waiter says to enjoy your meal. All of these examples are annoying and are all on my “I so hate my situation right now” list.

A common way to solve these minor inconveniences is to either stumble over your words or to trip and fall flat on your face, of course, either of these depends on your situation whether it’s in a conversation or an action respectively.

Fun fact, I am a master at recovering from these circumstances so If you trip and fall, assume the pushup position and start cranking out reps. 

If you slip backward, do an epic flip and then go to the immediate person of interest and ask for their number. If you stumble over your words mimic the sound of throwing up to create a sense of ease to lower the tension of stress and awkwardness.

There are a plethora of more situations and resolutions that counteract each other to a perfect balance. 

Some other coping mechanisms vary from person to person. 

For sophomore Mica Kazemba, his most common problem is hitting leg day; he doesn’t even like the thought of it. He solves it in an interesting way, he actually attends leg day. This is very rare for a subject to confront their problems head-on. 

On the verbal side of things are people like Cameron Hansen, who stumbles at the end of his sentences.

Problems are problematic and it’s in its nature to be a nuisance and will be intended to interfere. The thing with some problems is that they turn out to be a hidden blessing or there will be lessons to be learned. 

So in the grand scheme of things, I think it is better to roll with the pouches and make the best out of all incidents that occur.