Where are they now: Harley See

See eyes collegiate success


Where is the star of the varsity softball team, Harley See, of the 2022 season now?

Harley See, a recent graduate of Lakeland High School, made a huge impact on her high school team and is now doing the same at Blue Mountain Community College in Oregon. 

See was known for her great attitude and mentality all throughout the softball season, an attribute that created a great motivational boost for her teammates when needed. 

“She was the inspirational, physical and emotional leader of the 2022 Lakeland softball team,” a role that not many can step up to easily, Dwayne Curry, also known as DC, said. 

See noted that her favorite thing high school softball offered was the overnight trips, undoubtedly creating opportunities for team bonding. She also added that the participation of the community cheering her on definitely made it all worthwhile; family and friends were just as crucial as her teammates. 

See was always on the field, ready to work, as she led her team by setting the athletic standard expected from the coaches. This pushed the girls to work hard, ultimately contributing to their placement at the state level last year, a competition Lakeland hadn’t seen in years. 

“We lost her leadership and experience. It’s hard to replace a player like Harley, but our new team captain has taken on that challenge,” DC said. 

Because of her impeccable softball skills, she earned a scholarship to Blue Mountain Community College and will be playing there for two years. 

Differing from her high school position at shortstop, See plays at third base. 

“I always had a starting spot since freshman year, but with eighteen girls on my college team, every position has at least two girls fighting for that spot,” See said. “Every day is a battle for playing time.” 

Despite the individual competition for spots amongst the student-athletes, her favorite thing about college softball is the bond she and her teammates share because they spend most of their day together. They spend time together in study hall as well as in practice, which occurs twice a day all year round. See mentioned it is tough at times because of how different it all is from your childhood years. 

“In college sports, you have many more responsibilities and no parents. You have to learn to do everything on your own,” See said. 

School is a major part of being allowed to play on the college team, as long as you know where your priorities are.

“It is easy to fall off track in college. I personally balance school, softball, and a part-time job, it can all be overwhelming, but it is definitely possible,” See said. 

Harley See was a huge asset to Lakeland Highschool’s educational and sports programs and is continuing to show these strong characteristics at her college, Blue Mountain.