Too Many Sequels


Present-day cinema continues to grow, making movie after movie. Some continue to grow even after they should have ended. Popular franchises like Marvel, Indiana Jones, and Star Wars are just a few movies that only continue to come out. So when does it get to be too much?


The main reason studios keep making more movies is because it brings in more money for them, even though people don’t ask for it or want it. Yet, big producers know it stirs people up and gives them more attention.


Marvel Cinematic Universe has been in production since 2008, In that time they have released 31 movies and counting. I do not enjoy Marvel movies as much as other franchises, but for how many they have made, people seem to not be tired of them. Even so, I will give credit where credit is due. The way their different universes are able to unite is very interesting and can make up for having made so many separate movies. Apparently, Marvel still plans to introduce many more superheroes to the franchise. I can enjoy a Marvel movie every now and then, but I do not expect to be overly excited when they announce another movie is coming out.


Whether it is 31 movies or five, sometimes everything depends on the actors.


Since Harrison Ford’s first appearance in Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones has been one of the cinema’s most famous characters. There are four great movies from Ford but here we are with a fifth and hopefully final film coming out in 2023. I do not think anyone can replace Harrison Ford as Jones but it has been nearly 14 years since their last movie and at 80 years old, Ford is not getting any younger. At this point, I do not think they should even come out with another one in hopes that the movie avoids ruining the image of Jones, and instead gives it a satisfying end to the series.


As someone who has seen all the Star Wars movies and somewhat enjoys them, they need to stop. Their newer movies seem to be constantly trying to explain Star Wars. They only come up with more trilogies and spinoffs than we need which gives us more information about characters that already exist that we honestly do not need to know about. The movies would be better if they came up with more characters and settings but they fail to do so. They are continuing a story that ended a long time ago when they should not.


In the end, I enjoy all these films but there is a point where producers should know when to stop. For me, all of these films hit that point. Hollywood loves the cinematic universe and franchise films but they fail to go beyond that. They would be better off taking risks.