New Season of Outer Banks


February 23, 2023: the most awaited event by all the teenagers in the world finally comes. The third season of “Outer Banks” is out.

The new season is composed of only ten episodes, and even if their duration increases by episode, the time goes by so fast between running, contingencies, and adventures that keep the viewer’s eyes busy. 

The second season differed from the previous one for a large amount of action, but the new one is on a higher level.

The story starts right where the second season has ended, with the protagonists, John B, Sarah, Pope, Kiara, JJ, and Cleo, shipwrecked on a desert island.

They seem to enjoy their lives on the island, which they have renamed “Poguelandia” in honor of their group. Sometimes the desperation of being so far from home, at the edge of the world, can be hard to handle, but they have figured out how to survive with a spirit of independence and a desire to be together. 

Suddenly, however, on another normal day on the island, a small plane flies over them and comes to their aid.

This pilot, who is apparently their savior, turns out to be actually a man working for Carlos Singh, who embodies the classic villain character. 

The whole series takes place in beautiful sceneries, as usual, between their home in South Carolina and the country of Barbados; It is precisely Barbados where both Ward Cameron, the historical antagonist of the series, and John B’s dad hide. They are both unaware of each other’s presence on the Caribbean Island, and they are both believed dead by public opinion.

In the wild race to escape from the clutches of Andy Mcqueen, the Pogues’ paths intersect with these two characters, but their roles interestingly change through the episodes.

Ward is no longer a fierce and ruthless predator as he was in the past seasons; He is now a repentant father willing to do anything to reconcile with the daughter Sarah. This change is a breath of fresh air for OBX, which was already saturated with the continuing hostilities of the man.

John B’s dad, Big John, instead, was not a very popular character. All we knew about him was from the sweet and nostalgic memories of his kid. In this new season, instead, he becomes a pretty important figure who soon turns out to be all too desperate in his quest for gold, endangering his son’s life several times as well.

As in any new season, there’s always some room for love stories that always have a thousand imperfections but melt the hearts. The last season ended with the sighting of some sparks between JJ and Kiara; during these new episodes, they finally have the possibility to get closer and evolve their friendship, besides some snags of passage.

For the other characters is no less, and for the first time in OBX, all the main characters have their well-deserved happy ending.

However, the happy ending, as in Disney movies, is not in Outer Banks style: this third season ends, in fact, with a new mystery to solve that makes us understand the story doesn’t end here.

Honestly, I can’t wait to be breathless again.