That’s Embarrassing


What is considered embarrassing depends on who the person is and how they react to situations. Someone may fall and think it is hilarious, while someone else may have that ruin their day. 

Being at school, students are petrified of embarrassment. Whether it’s falling in the hall, mispronouncing easy words in front of the class, or failing an easy test, Lakeland High School is packed full of opportunities to get embarrassed. 

Roan Reilly, a junior at LHS, gets embarrassed very often.

Reilly says he even got embarrassed during the interview just talking simply about times he has been. 

Being put on the spot or having a group of people watch him do something is usually the main time he gets embarrassed. 

“One time, I had to give a speech in front of my class. On my walk back to my desk, I ate it. I was humiliated,” Reilly said. 

Speeches and presentations make students shiver with fear of embarrassment. Getting up in front of the class and talking is nerve-racking, and being nervous can make the presentation go worse. 

Dustin Frank, a principal assistant at LHS, does not get embarrassed often. Frank does not know why he would get embarrassed because he feels no pressure to be perfect. 

He is happy with the man his mom raised and is satisfied with who he is. He makes mistakes and is okay with that. 

“I’ve been embarrassed many times during my life. In my senior year of high school, I had knee surgery giving me a full leg brace and crutches. It was a spirit day, and I decided to wear a full cheer outfit to school; that same day, a college recruiter came to talk to me. I ended up walking into a conversation with my future football coach in full cheer gear,” Frank said. 

What once may have seemed like a travesty will someday be funny in some way. Everyone has things happen to them that they think are awful, but how one reacts can make or break how they feel about it later. 

I personally hate getting embarrassed, like most people, but especially in school. I think people do not even notice things I get embarrassed about. Obviously, there are different levels of embarrassment. I once peed my pants in the first grade, and I am still embarrassed about it to this day, but I have fallen hundreds of times during my twelve years of schooling and don’t remember a single one. 

Embarrassment is completely psychological in my opinion. I once saw a thing that said that we have evolved into becoming embarrassed about certain things. In order to be allowed in the caveman tribe, one has to be normal. Apparently, cavemen were pretty judgmental. 

No need to be embarrassed. LHS students are understanding and will never judge.