Classroom Control


“No talking! Do your work!” 

Every student enjoys different types of classes and teaching styles. Having teachers that students like and react well to will help the overall classroom environment. 

For the staff, it is imperative to keep a structured learning environment while still making it a comfortable space for students to learn. 

“I don’t do well with chaos,” Rebeccas Hasz said. “As a way to avoid this, I try to employ a variety of activities to keep students engaged and on task. Students have access to various online activities, games, and practices.”

It can be challenging for teachers to convince students to want to participate when they do not want to. 

Even when students put minimal effort into their school work, teachers at Lakeland High School work very hard to try to get everyone involved. 

It can be hard when students decide they do not want to learn at school. I think students who are there because they want to definitely try harder,” Hasz said. “Students who are in a class because they have to be, I think, can sometimes be harder to motivate.” 

However, this can often just be determined when a student does not like a certain subject or teacher. 

Students can relate that having a teacher they like helps them stay focused and motivated when they are working. 

If a teacher shows they care and are here to make a difference, students will choose to engage. 

“Teachers like Ms. Hall really make a difference,” Jasmin Allen said. “I respond very well to her and choose that I want to learn. She doesn’t even have to give much instruction, yet it is still perfectly clear what she wants us to do.” 

If a teacher contributes a negative impact in the classroom, this can often cause students to not feel motivated. 

Students like Jordan Bucaroff feel like having a more strict teacher does not help the school environment. 

He believes that having a more laid-back classroom helps him focus. 

Bucaroff also believes that having classes based on subjects he likes causes him to pay attention and want to try his best. 

“If a teacher is not so uptight and more chill about the classroom, I definitely am more cooperative and try to do well,” Bucaroff said. “If they have negative energy, it definitely affects my work ethic and grade.”