The Fall of Marvel

The Fall of Marvel

Marvel was once the pride of the superhero fanbase, producing some of the greatest and most iconic movies of all time, but lastly, they have been dropping the quality and substance that Marvel was once known for.

In 2008 Marvel released the hit movie, Ironman, and little did they know it would be one of their most iconic movies to have ever been released. 

People were now entitled to the quality that the first Ironman gave them. They were absorbing Marvel content from comic books, video games, and fanfiction, and they could now watch their heroes come to life.

Marvel movies used to have a witty cast with a plot that had a dark, looming undertone. Now there are jokes at the end of every sentence, and the plot is getting rinse and repeat. It’s sad to see something I loved going down the drain with its overabundance of trying too hard to be great.

In my nerdy opinion, Marvel ended with Dr. Strange: in the Multiverse of Madness, but I could understand if they made a sequel for SpiderMan: Far From Home because they hinted at Tom Hardy’s Venom being transported into the MCU, other than that… Marvel is pretty much dead to me.

I say that with a heavy heart, but I needed to say that. 

I asked two other Lakeland high school students, Caden Collins and Blaze Davis about this subject. 

“I did go see the new Antman: Quantamainia the other day in 3D. I could say for the quantum realm, the 3D could have been better,” Blaze said about the drop in quality. 

Caden said, “I personally think they could do better especially getting the right to other marvel characters like Spiderman, and go back to how they originally did things like the Ironman’s and Captain America’s.” 

Both said no when responding to whether the movies live up to the legacy. 

Blaze thinks that as long as they can return and redo what they once had, Marvel should continue. 

Frankly, I agree with what those two said. I am disappointed in Marvel for not ending the MCU and turning it into a cash cow. One of my biggest pet peeves is that they made another Black Panther, and the reason is not that they made another Black Panther, but I feel the role died along with the actor Chadwick Boseman. Chadwick played the perfect BP, and now the role feels like an empty husk of greatness (no disrespect to the new Black Panther).

The reputation of Marvel now will never live up to the glory it once held with a tight grip.