Humans of Lakeland: Payton Ranney


The Humans of Lakeland features members of the LHS community. This is the first in the series.

“Mourning someone who is still alive. When they are not dead but are no longer a part of your life.  Especially if you spent a lot of your time with that person, it leaves you feeling sort of empty.  Navigating a lost relationship can be difficult.  Especially when the other person was almost an extension of yourself because once they leave, it feels like there is a missing piece.  It’s hard not to focus on all the ‘what-if’s’ and what could have happened too, but through all that, I am doing my best to fill the void that was left.  I would tell someone going through a similar situation to try their best to do things for themselves.  It is important to find your own happiness and not rely on others to give it to you.  This will leave you feeling better in the long run.  Despite the hurt that I occasionally still feel, I am doing my best to leave the past behind and focus on living my life.”

-Payton Ranney, Sophomore