Online School at LHS


It is the law for everyone younger than 16 to attend school. Some students are very successful in school, and others are not. School is more of a challenge for some than others. 

If a student is doing well in their classes, they are more likely to want to go to school, which is why some struggling students do not enjoy school.  

Students at Lakeland High School used to have the option to take all their classes online. 

Online students do not necessarily sit around the house and avoid doing their work. 

Junior Caiden Golob is a part of LHS online school. Golob decided to go online, allowing him to graduate early. Golob comes to school for just two hours daily for Mr. Pettit’s KTEC welding program. He also attends classes at North Idaho College a few times a week. Golob said that going online is the best decision he has ever made. It is the same as going to school, but when he is done with his schoolwork for the day, he has more time to work and does other activities. Golob says, “If other students have the chance to go online, they should definitely look into it.” 

Being online, there is a chance of missing out on the memories that come with high school. However, some students do not care for the experiences provided by high school. 

Junior Gage Oles is also an online student. Oles finds that completing his work at home is easier than doing it in a classroom. He said he enjoys having the rest of his day left when he gets his work done. Oles likes having more time for sports and hanging out with his friends. Oles said, “I am enjoying online school so much. Everyone should get on this.”  

Instead of being entirely online, some students do both. Depending on their schedule, some students need to take an online class, and some choose to do a course online for the free period. 

Junior Brent Hill comes to school full-time and takes an online speech class. He finds it easier to get his work done and enjoys having a break from the classroom. Hill would not go fully online because he enjoys coming to school.

School is not for everyone, but every student should try their absolute hardest in school.