My Policeman Movie Review


“My Policeman” is a movie recently released by Prime Video at the end of 2022. It has been a great success.

However, I decided to wait a little bit before watching this movie because I like to take my time and sit down on the couch on a random night with a bowl of popcorn without being influenced or overwhelmed by a storm of spoilers and opinions from people around me and on social media.

A big reason for the movie’s popularity was British singer and pop icon: Harry Styles.
To be honest, that is exactly why I chose to watch it. I ended up being extremely surprised by the actual depth of the story, which goes far beyond the singer’s debut on the big screen.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

The movie starts in a town on the Brighton coast where an old woman named Marion is opening her house to Patrick, a man who is bedridden and needs to be monitored and treated. The presence of the disabled man in the house, however, is mysteriously intolerated by Tom (Harry Styles), the woman’s husband, who refuses even to speak with the newcomer.

At the beginning of the film, the setting is surrounded by resentment and a grey, gloomy atmosphere. Tom is the brother of one of Marion’s old friends, who has turned from the boy of her childhood into a young and beautiful policeman.

Marion can not help falling in love with him. He is her policeman. Unfortunately, she is not the only one referring to Tom like that. Patrick, a friend who apparently enjoys spending time with the couple, is, in fact, involved in a secret love story with Tom.

In the England of the 1950s, homosexuality was a crime. Therefore, for the rest of the movie, Tom is divided between the traditional relationship with Marion under everyone’s eyes and the love for Patrick in the dark alleyways with compassion and feelings of guilt.

It is extremely impressive how the presence of just three characters can be enough to hold on to the entire movie and such a dramatic story. Everything rotates around the bond between Marion, Tom, and Patrick. Even if the dynamics that involve them and their feelings towards each other change throughout the movie, they are always the only characters present.

This movie is one of those stories that lead you to think about the plagues of society in the past and how those wounds really ruined people’s lives.

Homosexuality being a criminal offense has been a long, long chapter of history, of which we still carry the aftermath today.

Tom, Patrick, and even Marion are victims of that time, and this leads them to make poor decisions that transform them into perpetrators of each other’s pain.

As far as Harry Styles’ interpretation of Tom, he did a good job. He’s not extremely dramatic, unlike the other actors, but he gives a unique soul and personality to his character; timid but solar. I would not say that the presence of Harry Styles makes the movie better, but he is a good pretext to discover this remarkable story.