Starting Off Strong


As Bon Jovi once said, “OHHH, we’re halfway there!”

With every semester comes new knowledge, friends and experiences. With semester one finally wrapped up, Lakeland High School students reflect on their performance and prepare for semester two.

Overall, semester one went well for many students. 

“I think semester one went well,” said LHS junior, Baylee Frank. “I did well in my classes during the first semester.” 

Teachers at LHS are also very proud of how the first semester went. 

Both teachers and students did exceptionally well try their hardest to get all their work done. 

“I thought the first semester was a positive one for our school,” said Lakeland teacher, Shannon Hall, “The senior class has good leadership in a lot of areas, and with an overall experienced staff at the school, the school day usually ran well.”

With well-run classrooms, the first semester went by fairly quickly. There are certain things that stood out to students because of the fun experience that they provided.

Sophomore, Evelyn Bowie, said she really enjoyed the sports during the first semester.

 “I like first-semester sports because I get to play soccer,” Bowie said.

Emma Goad, an LHS senior, said her favorite part of semester one was Battle for the Paddle. “Battle for the Paddle was very fun,” she said.

Teachers also enjoyed the school-ran events that were held in order to help LHS. 

The staff was very impressed with how devoted the student body has been.

“My favorite part of the first semester was how hard students and staff worked to raise money for charity,” Said Hall. “The dollar amount raised during Battle for the Paddle is a true testament to the charitable nature of those in our building and in our community.” 

Throughout the first semester, students were taught a lot of information. With a variety of classes, different students take away various pieces of information from their classes.

In math, students were taught how to apply formulas to solve equations. “I learned the quadratic formula,” said Frank.

Along with helpful mathematic formulas, a lot of useful information was presented to students in other classes too. 

“I learned about covalent and ionic bonds in Chemistry,” said Bowie. “I also learned about the Mongols in AP World History.”

Not only did students learn facts, but they also learned better study habits and other useful skills. 

“I learned to check my online classes every day so I don’t miss an assignment,” said Goad.

Now that semester one has ended, Lakeland staff and students begin semester two. Some students changed classes while others kept the same schedule, but it is a fresh start for everyone regardless. 

In order to do better during the second semester, Bowie plans to take better notes in her classes

Hall provided advice to anyone looking to improve their grades and finish second semester strong.

“If a student wants to finish the year strong, then they need to prioritize academics every day,” Hall said. “I find that students who pay attention and use their time wisely in class to complete their work often do not have too much homework. Those who waste time in class end up with work to complete at home and then they usually do not complete it.” With semester one finally finished up, there are many things to look forward to in second semester. 

“I am looking forward to softball,” said Frank. “I am also looking forward to many opportunities to slay.” 

The senior class is more anxious than anyone, preparing for whatever challenges they face next. Goad is looking forward to graduation. 

“I am excited to go to college and move on to a new chapter in my life,” she said.

There are also many spring activities that come up that teachers like Hall are very excited about. Events like prom, tennis and the spring season are all things Hall cannot wait to experience. 

Semester two has finally begun, and it is time for everyone to work hard and finish strong.

“Step it up!” said Hall.