Get It Done


“What are the components of making a successful student?” This question can cause a variety of discussions which can go many different ways. 

There are many different ways to be a successful student. Having the motivation to get schoolwork done and turned in is the first step to being a successful student.  

Some students at Lakeland High School struggle to keep their grades up and put forth their bests efforts to get an A or B grade.

studying for an upcoming test and asking questions when a student may need help understanding the material being given. Some students need help improving their attendance. Staying engaged in class can be challenging for certain students. Principal assistant, Dustin Frank said that it is hard for students to stay focused on a subject they are not interested in, and when it does not make sense to students, they should ask questions. Those two things are the most difficult for students to do. 

Teachers love to see students work and strive to be their best in their classes. 

“I can not focus for the life with be if the subject is boring. No one wants to sit through and be forced to learn something you have no desire to,” Hunter Avriett said.  

While coming up with new creative ways to teach students, students who enjoy the topic will be encouraged to work outside of school. 

No matter how hard students try, they can not stay on track. Junior Aspen Lawson said that she needed to work on her way. When her mind is focused on something, it is on that one thing. On the other hand, Junior Owen Forsman said it could be challenging to stay on track. But the desire to play video games pushes him to stay focused and finish his work. 

Staying on task also means unplugging. It is common for students to get off track due to their cell phones going off when they are trying to get work done. 

“My cell phone distracts me constantly. I always have to make sure to snap the girls back,” Ezra Benson said. 

Picking up a phone instantly takes all focus off school work and all focus on phones. Junior Owen Forsman believes that sometimes his phone gets so distracting that his mom takes his Xbox away. This pushes him to get all his work done to get back to texting and playing video games. 

What helps students become successful in the classroom is studying—studying the night before a test will help students improve their scores. 

“What helps me learn the most is Quizlet,”  Evan Shanely said.

Teachers give students all the information and resources to do this successfully. Whether or not the student uses it is all up to them. 

Studying is a significant component in the classroom. Tests and quizzes are made up of a student’s overall grade. Failing that test can drop your grade down a whole letter. Freshman Avriett said that whenever a test comes up, he gets together with friends to help each other study. However, what works for one student might only work for some students. 

For example, some students wait until the last second to study. Forsman said he is a procrastinator. He will study right before the test. He will store all the information he needs in his head, then take the test and forget all that information after. 

There will be students who care enough to put the work in for an A and those who simply do not care. High school students do not understand that what their grades are now will stick with them for the rest of their lives. Colleges always look for students with good work ethics and those who strive for greatness. 

Learning excellent and funny study habits now will set students up for great success long after high school is over.