Waiving Finals


At Lakeland, some students can earn the option to “waive” or skip a final if they have a high enough GPA. 

By working hard on their schoolwork throughout the semester, students have the opportunity to get on the Academic Recognition List. Those with a GPA of 3.33-3.69 get on the Green List, and those with a GPA of 3.7 and above get on the Gold List. 

Students on the green list get to choose one final that they would like to waive and can get approval from the teacher of that class to do so. Students on the gold list are able to choose two finals to waive.

Classes that include options for college credit do not apply to this because the final is a key part of the class credit, but some electives and other high school classes allow students to waive their final.

Before finals, a list will be released so students can know whether they can choose a final to skip. The Green and Gold lists will be presented separately, so students know how many finals they are allowed to waive.

This is a unique opportunity that other schools like Lakeland Middle School, Post Falls High School, Couer d’ Alene High School, and STEM Charter Academy do not offer. Denise Novak, a math teacher at Lakeland, said she has not seen other schools present this opportunity to students, but she has seen some teachers implement a policy where students with A grades would not have to take the final.

Novak, who did not have this opportunity in high school, said that she likes that Lakeland presents this option to students. She said that it “gives some students motivation to do well in their classes.”

Marti Fuhriman, Lakeland High School’s Administrative Assistant, said it is “a GREAT incentive for students to work hard in class and raise their GPA.”

Alexis Hanna, a sophomore at Lakeland, waived her Math and English final last year and plans to do that again this year. She said, “it makes me feel less stressed and more able to focus on the other finals that I do have to take.”

Some Lakeland parents appreciate this opportunity for their kids as well. Julia Caywood said, “I think it’s a brilliant idea to motivate students to strive for a high GPA.”

By working hard throughout the semester, you can gain the opportunity to skip a final of your choice as long as your teacher approves.