What Will Santa Bring?


Skateboards, skis, and Samsungs.

Each year, children of all ages make their lists to give to Santa.

Whether or not Santa’s elves have the time and money to get every gift on the list depends, but worth a try.

Every household has a gift tradition. From getting just a stocking to an entire tree of gifts, Christmas is packed full of joy and blessings.

Addison Raebel, a senior at LHS, has a birthday and Christmas within two days, so her holiday weekend is full of celebration. She is asking for a tenth-generation iPad for her studies next year and shoes. From Santa, she gets a stocking. 

“People would be unhappy with what they got if they don’t act for something specific,” Raebel said.  

Some may argue that gifts are unnecessary, or they simply do not believe in the act of gift-giving. No matter what someone’s opinion or belief is, they deserve the happiest holidays. 

Colleen Hall, a teacher at LHS, has a family-centered Christmas because family is the most important part of the holiday season. Every year she bakes her grandmother’s molasses raisin cookies. This year she asked for a family trip from Santa.  

“I hope everyone has a warm, safe, and loving winter break,” Hall said. 

Without family, the holiday season is virtually meaningless. People fill their Christmas morning with the people and things that make them happy. Staying in with the fur babies or hanging out with the actual babies, whatever floats someone’s boat, will do. 

Maybe getting a boat for Christmas will float?

I personally do not particularly enjoy Christmas. It is stressful and puts everyone in a bad mood in town. I hate buying people gifts, and people giving me gifts is always awkward. Obviously, I enjoy the idea of opening something I have dreamed of having, but is it worth the money? 

In the beginning, a young child’s Christmas is filled with joy and imagination. Once the secret all the parents have been keeping gets leaked, much of the happiness surrounding the holidays diminishes. 

Along the lines of traditions, the only one I have is the taking of toys each year when I was little. My mom would let me pick one toy to keep on Christmas; then, throughout the year, I would receive them when I was being good. I hated it. 

Have a merry Christmas, and enjoy the many gifts Santa brings.