What is it like to be astray? A Stray Game Review

What is it like to be astray? A Stray Game Review

We all get lost sometimes. Some are lost more than others. Stray cats are wanderers and are not always lost. Somehow, they always know where they’re going, even if it doesn’t seem so. Stray dumps you directly into the shoes of a stray cat wandering around a Cyberpunk world run by robots. Yes, you play as the cat.

Stray, a game about a cat on a journey untangling a mystery about a forgotten city, has the hearts of many cat lovers beating. This game which BlueTwelve Studios developed, is enjoyable for cat and dog lovers.

Stray allows the player to live out all their dreams of being a cat. The mischievous nature of a cat is a peaceful experience to enjoy. Knocking over boxes filled with numerous materials such as paint or bottles or whatever needs to be stored in a box on the top shelf is always a great pastime. 

The story starts with the protagonist cat, who falls into a city that has been long forgotten by time. It is crawling with robots, mutant bacteria, and much more. 

He then goes on a journey through this ancient city solving puzzles and doing lots of parkour to escape. All while trying to leave the city, you gain the help of many unexpectedly helpful robot people, including your new best companion, B-12.

B-12 is one of those unlikely but lovable characters. You meet him when you enter a room to solve a puzzle by activating a machine. He fits you with a backpack that “was designed for small quadrupeds like you.” He acts as an inventory system, allowing the cat to pick up items that can be used later to aid him in his journey.

You can talk to the robot people as well to get help. In order to do this, you must pick up items around the map that might hint at what you mean. For example, you can pick up sheet music with the help of B-12 and give it to street performers and such.

The main enemy of the game, the mutant bacteria is also not a tough foe to deal with, the only thing the protagonist has to do to clear himself of the piling bacteria is either run or shake frivolously, and this does the trick nicely. 

Overall this game is a nice little jaunt into the life of a cat. Very peaceful, very adorable, and very enjoyable. This isn’t a fast pace game, nor is it the longest story you’ve ever played. It has a certain charm, and the puzzles are fun and intriguing and get you engaged in every moment. I think this game is a good play if you’re not looking for anything super challenging or fast pace and a great choice if you’re just looking for a nice peaceful little story to enjoy as you play.