Living Young and Wild and Free


When Dec. 15 rolled around, some Lakeland students geared up for the best night of their life.
Four openers, including Justin Champagne, Ying Yang Twins, Warren G, and T-Pain, started the concert off and got the crowd ready. Snoop Dogg, as a happy ending, made the concert a whopping 5 hours long. With such an array of singers, it was well worth the money.
The concert went in a smart order, with the artists least popular starting to the most popular getting the stage set for Snoop Dogg.
It all started with Champagne, a performer with the least fans, worst merch, and least enthusiasm. The audience was focusing on getting snacks and drinks or getting blessed with Snoop Dogg apparel.
Anyone that bought Snoop hats, shirts, etc., has officially hit cool status. Purchasing any item was like ripping off a small bandaid; the bank account took a hit.
Sweatshirts that were $30 to make were $90 just because they were being sold at a concert. Any food, beverage, or general goodie had a significant price raise as well.
When buying drinks, the sellers opened and took the cap off of everything, even sodas. Whether it was for avoiding caps all over the arena or making people drink faster, it was inconvenient.
Brayden Tirri, a junior at Lakeland High School, was one of the many LHS students in attendance.
The only thing Tirri had to say was, “Amazing.”
The audience was diverse, to say the least, ranging from age 11 to 70 and from all walks of life. People came in couples or besties, alone, and in big groups, which made for a thrilling audience experience.
If not watching the stage, the surrounding crowd was just as entertaining, with questionable dance moves and intense fashion choices. Couples dancing needed to be taught a lesson about P.D.A. because some of them could leave bystanders scarred for life.
Warren G and T-Pain were the real beginning of the concert. It started the dancing and got the crowd hyped. The two of them were almost as good as Snoop himself but did the most lipsyncing.
Not that 50 is old, but most of the artists are rounding that corner and are beginning to get tired faster on stage.
By the time Snoop Dogg started at 10 p.m., the audience was getting tired of standing and dancing. The partying and dancing continued, though.
An illegal substance being Snoop Dogg’s only personality trait, there was a considerable amount of “fog” in the air. The “fog” was inevitable, as is at most Snoop concerts.
Just breathing the same air as the legend Snoop was a blessing, let alone hearing the symphony of his voice. Honestly not the best concert I’ve been to just because of the length and creepy people. Aside from this, the experience was immaculate.