Tie Tuesday


The swagger, the superiority, the style– the Science hall teachers got it all. Especially Mr. Haynes, Mr. Dunn, Mr. Gering, Dr. Rockett, and Mr. Ballard.

Tie Tuesday is a day of adult “swag,” especially for teachers. 

“We don’t want just staff to participate. We want the whole school to join,” states Haynes. 

“Tie Tuesday would help class up this place a little bit because this hallway is the classiest in the school, making this day now a competition against the other halls.”

Mr. Ballard, one of the teachers who was forced into it, mentions how “Tie Tuesday started with Mr. Haynes and me, and due to Mr. Dunn already wearing a tie on a daily basis along with Dr. Rocket, it was an easy trend to come by. We got Mr. Gering involved, and now Haynes comes by everyone’s room on Tuesday to make sure people are wearing their ties.”

Tie Tuesday would be an interesting day for the teachers but maybe not for students because many of us are so focused on our self-image. 

That is why not as many students dress up for spirit weeks. One of the seniors, Michael Laird, states, “It will either make us look dumb or extremely wealthy.” 

In Ballard’s class, he holds the Tie of Shame paper due to “forgetting to wear a tie on one Tuesday.”

The handmade Tie of Shame is designed as a watermelon, and you have to wear it the entire school day. The only thing holding it on your shirt is a paper clip. 

Ballard mentions, “It would be cool if students would wear ties regardless of what shirt they’re wearing. It could be like a T-shirt tie Tuesday.”

Due to this only taking place once a week, it wouldn’t be that difficult for students who like and naturally wear ties to take part. It would be interesting even though some students could argue against it.

It’s all based on preference, not being afraid to have fun and join the tie gang.