Hard Workin’ Man

A Q&A with John Meredith


Q&A with John Meredith 


Q: Who are you? Tell us a bit about yourself 

A:  “I am John Meredith IV; I was born and raised in North Idaho. I like to do things outdoors, hunt, flex my chainsaw; it was the most expensive thing I have bought recently. I like to chop wood, and for the first two years, I was horrible, but after doing it for a while, I got better. In fact, I have a big tournament in Washington.”  


Q: How long have you gone to Lakeland High School?

A: “All four years, went to John brown elementary school. I have been in the Lakeland district for all of my school years. From Kindergarten to now, my senior year.”


Q: What are your hobbies? 

A: “I like to hunt, I cut wood, I ride my very fancy dirt bike all the time, I like to go hiking, I camp a lot, while I can, I fish and swim.”


Q: What should the color green taste like? 

A: “Led paint, because they used to make led paint, I guarantee they made green led paint. If someone is acting dumb, then I ask them if they have eaten lead paint.” 


Q: How has Lakeland Impacted your life?

A: “As far as wrestling, it has helped out a lot, I have met a lot of people that are pretty decent friends, and I like Lakeland because it seems to have a lot less drama than other schools.” 


Q: What was your favorite memory in high school? 

A: “Going to Rollie Lane my sophomore year, got to hang out with upperclassmen, and I got a lot of fun stories out of it.”


Q: What are your plans after high school?

A: “I plan on working with my dad’s company, the ASC, to get my SDL through NIC work program.”


Q: What is the best car/ your dream car?

A: “1978 Pontiac Firebird, because it had smokey the bandit in it, and that was my favorite as a kid and to this day.”


Q: How is welding ?

A: “It is pretty good; I like it because it encourages more mechanical thinking and helps improve problem-solving. It is also nice because it helps when I build things and put stuff together, which I enjoy doing and I do a lot. There are also a lot of fun noises, such as his example ‘braapweee brapweee.’”