Imagine showing up to school and seeing someone else wearing the same outfit. 

This can often make students feel like their outfit could have been cooler than it was. 

However, there is a huge debate about whether or not matching outfits are in style.

Students like sophomore, Olivia Gibson, feel like dressing unique is very important for students at Lakeland High School. 

“You can dress however you want, and it’s how students can show who they are, what they like and what their interests are,” Gibson said. “So, when other people wear the same things as me, I start to lose interest in those clothes. They just don’t seem as cute anymore when I see other people wearing the same thing as me.” 

Matching clothes may be accidental, but it may not always be. 

There can also be the problem of people purposefully copying other people’s clothing. 

This often occurs when other students idolize their classmates and want to start dressing like them.

This can be very irritating for the person being copied. It is not fun to have someone to have a similar style. 

“It really bothers me when I see a bunch of girls buying the same clothes as me and trying to dress similarly to me. Girls should just be able to choose the clothes they like and wear them, so I don’t understand why girls try to copy me,” said Gibson. 

The teachers at LHS also have very similar styles, especially Colleen Hall and Shannon Hall, teachers at LHS who are also twins. 

Shannon and Colleen have very similar styles, so it causes them to look very similar most days. 

The Hall sisters have always been confused with each other and grew up wearing clothes that were very similar to each other. This meant they could borrow each other’s clothes, which did not cause them problems. 

The Hall sisters do not try to match their outfits often, but some days like spirit days, they try to match, but other than that, it is accidental. 

“There was one time when we both went to the mall, and we came back really excited to show each other the new dress we got. It turns out it was the exact same dress,” Shannon Hall said. 

Despite some students not liking the idea of matching outfits, some students enjoy matching their friends when they come to school. 

Students like Leah Sphuler and Ciarra Jones enjoy wearing similar clothes. 

This is something that the two enjoy because they find it fun, but there is also an experiment involved. 

“Leah and I have different body types, so it can be cool to experiment and see if one of us will get dress coded, but the other won’t,” Jones said.