Senioritis with Everett Keltz


There is a certain feeling one gets when starting high school with a new environment and people. As one goes through the journey of high school, many things change. 

Everett Keltz appears quiet but is loud and energetic when around the right people. I asked Keltz a few questions regarding his Lakeland journey. 

Q: What makes you “you”?

A: “I go from very quiet to very loud very quickly,” Keltz said. He enjoys making people laugh and will “put everything on the table very fast” if he wants to make someone laugh. 

He moved to Rathdrum, Idaho, in eighth grade and has attended Lakeland High School all four years. 


Q: What was your favorite year of high school?

A: “Being a Senior has been my favorite year of high school,” Keltz said. His favorite school moment was when he shaved his head on the last day of Junior year. 

Another incredible moment for Everett was being part of the last year of COVID-19, “my freshman year was the last class to be affected by COVID-19,” said Keltz. 


Q: What/who has been a significant impact in your life?

A: “Throughout my high school career, I had many phases, I was into musicals and spent money on stupid things, but I think all my phases have brought me to who I am today,” Keltz said.


Q: What is one of your most significant accomplishments throughout your years of LHS?

“In elementary school, I participated in a talented group, had straight A’s, and was great at finishing assignments, but then my grades started dropping,” Keltz said. Over the years here at LHS, Everett has built back up to where he used to be. 


Q: What is your biggest regret? 

A: “I regret not caring about my GPA until my senior year, it left me with consequences, but coming to LHS helped me,” Keltz said. Lakeland High School has significantly impacted Everett; he even said he wished he had moved to Rathdrum sooner. 


Q: Who is your favorite band artists? 

A: “Nirvana because the first album showed what I wanted to do with my music. 


Q: What is your biggest pet peeve?

A: “When people attempt to do an evil villain monologue, or if they talk in an evil villain monologue.” 


Q: What is one of your theories? 

A: “Ice is a scam, things are cold already, and when you add ice, you get less drink, and then it proceeds to water down your drink.”