May I go to the bathroom?


One of the most common questions teachers hear in a day is, “May I go to the bathroom?” 

A handful of teachers at Lakeland High School do not allow students to go to the restroom during class time, or they have so many bathroom passes per quarter. 

“I use bathroom passes because when I don’t, some students abuse the privilege. They would ask to go every day just to get out of class.” Math Teacher at LHS Denise Novak said.

Teachers not letting students go to the bathroom makes students very opinionated about not being able to go. 

Terzulli explains that teachers that do not let students go to the bathroom are very frustrating. “I know that some students abuse their bathroom privileges, but some students just simply have to go to the bathroom,” Junior Ella Terzulli said. 

“Teachers should always let their students go to the bathroom. They do not know what problems they are having, like what if someone is about to poop their pants?” Sophomore Olivia Gibson adds. 

Those who take advantage of the bathroom ruin it for every other student who genuinely has to use it, making teachers say no to the bathroom. 

Students believe there should be a new and improved bathroom policy.

“Students should be able to go to the bathroom whenever necessary. Also, students should have as much time as required in the bathroom because any unexpected things could happen there.”  Junior Brayden Tirri states.

Most teachers think that passing periods are more than enough time to go to the bathroom. “Yes, I think students should go to the bathroom during the passing period. As teachers, we have to do that as well. Of course, there are always emergencies and exceptions, but students should learn to use their time wisely,” Mrs. Novak states. 

But students disagree. 

Tirri believes that there is absolutely no way students can utilize the time during passing periods and get to class on time.

“What if your next class is across the school, and you have to go to the bathroom?” Tirri said. “Then you are going to be late no matter what.” 

Along with some teachers being unable to go to the bathroom, some teachers have a limit of a few halls passes per semester. Teachers should be allowed to limit the number of times students can go to the bathroom. 

“Teachers should not have hall passes because it is not your fault if you have to go to the bathroom. When you gotta go, you gotta go.” Ella Terzulli states.

Some teachers at Lakeland High School make going to the bathroom a big deal when students simply argue that they should be allowed to.